Adult Bible Study at Pope John XXIII

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50 Anniversary of Second Vatican Council

Each year, we celebrate the Feast Day of Blessed Pope John XXIII. This year, we not only celebrated his feast day, but also the 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council.

Upon the request of those in attendence, I am listing some of the referenced readings from the panel discussion.  I am also listing my personal recommended texts in regard to the Second Vatican Council.

A Devoional Peronal Prayer Book:  'Overlook Much Correct a Little:  99 Sayings by John XXIII" edited by Hans-Peter Rothlin.  Published by New City Press.

The book that I personally recommend to learn more about the Second Vatican Council:  "Keys to the Council: Unlocking the Teaching of Vatican II" by Richard R Gaillardetz and Catherine E. Clifford.  Published by Liturgical Press.

Following is the link to Ohio Dominican College which has been holding a series of talks and presentations about the Second Vatican Council.   For more information utilize the following link.

The office of Religious Education and Catechesis recommends that Catholics read both Lumen Gentium and Dei Verbum during the year of faith.  Both of these documents were mentioned during our session.

Another website with good information is:

To all parishioners, those who attended and those who could not, I hope you find these references informative and helpful.