From the Pastor


With the new life celebrated during the just-completed Easter Season, we can celebrate Ordinary Time with vigor; experiencing and acknowledging the Lord’s continuing presence in our lives.  His life-giving and nurturing presence which is born of the unique and blessed encounter we have with Him especially at Mass is the only relief we have in this temporal life.  A life marked with many moments of joy and completeness, but, sadly, also marked with some human cruelty and evil.


            As the days of our lives increase with each passing day, let us account for each passing moment by our attention to the plight of others; particularly the most vulnerable among us – those who cannot speak for themselves, those who cannot adequately care for themselves and those without a home.


            Our beloved patron saint, St. John XXIII wrote:  “We live on this earth; but we live by faith, and herein lies our strength.  We are working for eternity, which is not of this world, but while we prepare for this final end we must learn how to live with dignity amid the trials of this present life, always subordinating all other things to what the Lord offers us in the future life.  And our hope of arriving safely in eternity rests very largely on our constant respect for the rights of our fellow men.”