From the Pastor


“Be watchful”; “be alert”; “watch”, the Lord tells us in the Gospel of the first Sunday of Advent.  Words that ring familiar to us in every season of Advent.  This familiarity might be our main problem at this time of the year or even any other time of the year.  We get used to these seasons and the accompanying messages that we fail to pay attention to the importance or the seriousness of the call or warning.


            Nonetheless, here we are – once again – in  Advent, and we are called or warned to prepare for the Lord’s coming.  Let us be watchful and alert so that we may anticipate His second coming as we prepare to celebrate His first coming, at Christmas.


            Our beloved patron, St. John XXIII says:  “Now there returns to our hearts and lips the prayer that was the sublime hope of the Old Testament, and which the apostle St. John expressed in these simple words of his Revelation: “Come, Lord Jesus!”  With the Lord always with us, Emmanuel, who guides our steps and upholds us on the road of this life, we are sure that we shall live in righteousness and in the peace of God.”