My dear friends in Christ,


With the greatest joy we celebrate our Lord’s Resurrection this Easter Season. As the world around us reawakens with the new life of spring, the Church helps us recall that our new life of grace comes from Jesus Christ who was dead but is now alive. While we rejoice in this new life, we are also called to answer a question: What am I to do with this new life? Each of us is asked by the Lord to discern how we are to participate in the life of the Church. As we move through this Easter Season, celebrating First Communions, Confirmations, and the Feasts that mark these wonderful days, let us take time to better embrace the invitation that the Lord offers us, to more deeply live the life of Grace he bestows upon us.


It is my prayer that we may respond generously to the Lord, and that we may continue to enliven the parish of St. John XXIII.


In the joy of the risen Christ,


Fr. Brian O’Connor