Posted on October 20, 2012 11:12

The weekend of October 13 and 14 the parish celebrated not only our patron Blessed Pope John XXIII’s feast day but also the 50th Anniversary of the beginning of the Second Vatican Council.

Our Masses had special readings and our Worship and Gathering Spaces were decorated with a Papal theme remembering Pope John XXIII. The yellow and white bunting at the church entrance signaled to all this is an important celebration.

We furthered our understanding of the impact our patron had on our practice of the Faith with a participatory panel discussion focusing on the Second Vatican Council which began October 11, 1962. Our esteemed panel consisted of: Father Jared Wicks S.J., author and former professor at the Gregorian University in Rome; Ms. Barb Finan, former professor at Ohio Dominican University; Mr. Rick Jeric, Director of the Office of Development and Planning, Diocese of Columbus; and members of our Parish staff; Deacon Pry and Monsignor Frecker.

After short presentations from our panel members those in attendance asked questions ranging from the purpose of the Council envisioned by Pope John to projecting the Council’s impact on the future of our Church. 

Our parish Faith Formation Commission hopes that this event can be springboard to further presentations and participatory discussions on important topics effecting our understanding and practice of our Faith.

Monsignor Frecker has listed some references and suggested readings from our 50th Anniversary of the Vatican Council event last weekend.  Please click on  "Adult Education" under the "Religious Education" menu to view the list of readings.  You will need to scroll down to the heading "Second Vatican  Council References".