Formed with Friends

Posted on January 02, 2020 in: General Parish News

FORMED WITH FRIENDS: Coming    in    February    2020!    Join    a    small    group    (4-6)    of    fellow    parishioners    in    an    informal    setting    to    watch    and    discuss a lecture series from Formed. Your small group can decide what time is best and what series to choose. This is meant to be flexible    to    meet    the    needs    of    our    busy    parishioners    who    want    to    find    time to explore our Faith and grow spiritually with a small group for motivation, discussion and comradery. The group can decide where to meet, how often to meet, whether or not to serve refreshments, and how many segments to watch per meeting. If a meeting must be missed, it is easy to make up on your own with the Formed app. This    will    begin    the    week    of    February    3,    2020    and    end    the    last    week    of    March.    Sign    up    to    come    the    weekend    of    December    22.    Feel    free    to    contact Cathy Hoffman with questions at 

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