Directory of Ministries and Organizations


  1. I believe that as Pastor I should talk about money as little as is absolutely necessary.  (I will not nickel and dime you to death but, when I do address finances I hope you pay close attention.)
  2. I believe in complete, open, and honest financial disclosure.  (Every parishioner has the right to know where every penny comes from and goes to.)
  3. I believe in maintaining a conservative posture on expenditures.  (I will not spend your hard earned money frivolously.)
  4. I believe, however, that we should not skimp on operational expenses to generate money for capital expenditures.  (People are more important than buildings.)
  5. I believe that the vast majority of operational expenses in a parish are due to personnel salaries and benefits.  (I will pick my staff carefully and expect them to perform to the highest standards.)
  6. I believe that the Offertory Collection should cover the operational budget, the Building Fund should cover debt reduction, and that Fund Raisers should be used for sit improvements.  (I will try not to rob Peter to pay Paul.)
  7. I believe that, concerning the need to raise money for Debt Reduction, God will help us work these things out as we move forward.  (I will work like everything depends on us, and pray like everything depends on God.)
  8. I believe in gratitude beyond words to the Diocese for their financial support in the start up of this parish, and I see the Bishop’s Annual Appeal as a way we can say thanks.  (I will always remind you that no parish is an island, we are all part of the Diocese of Columbus.)
  9. I believe that the current finance report shows a fairly healthy situation. I also believe that we will need to continue to pay close attention to our financial situation if we are to remain healthy. (I will always produce and distribute an annual finance report.  And I will rely on the advice of our Administration Council in all financial matters.)
  10. I believe that we have a parish full of very generous people both in time/talent and in offertory support. (Nevertheless, those giving on a less than consistent weekly or monthly basis may wish to reevaluate their financial support of the Parish)

Primary Contact: Fr. Denis Kigozi
Phone: 614-920-1563
Volunteers Needed: No
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