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What is the Vocation Committee?

The Vocation Committee is a sub-committee within the Faith Formation Commission.  It is composed of five to seven volunteers interested in providing an environment of discernment for those whom Jesus may be calling to make his presence known to a world in need of faith, hope, and love.  The primary goal of the committee is to provide opportunities for prayer for vocations.  Other goals of the committee are to provide information, support and encouragement for those who feel called to serve Jesus and others.  Committee members may be assigned to lead particular facets of committee activities as follows:

  •  Development of opportunities to pray for vocations
  • Update the parish bulletin board with current information regarding vocations
  • Provide articles for the parish bulletin that communicate events in the diocese with a focus on discernment to the priesthood and religious life
  • Initiate, participate in or lead parish programs that create a focus on vocations
  •  Provide educational  information for parents, youth and other parish members that encourage discussion and interest in vocations

The hope of the vocation committee members is that those who are discerning a call will find fertile ground within the community and see that life as a priest or religious can be a rewarding life choice and experience.  

Please contact Deacon Charlie Miller if you are interested in participating in the Vocations Committee.


Primary Contact: Deacon Charlie Miller
Phone: 614-920-1563
Volunteers Needed: Yes
Meets on: 

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