Directory of Ministries and Organizations

The Bloom Township Crisis Fund was started after the blizzard of 1978, when a group of volunteers came together to help their neighbors who were stranded at Wagnalls Memorial. Membership is made up of participating churches in the area, and any interested parties willing to assist those with emergency needs.

The Crisis Fund provides emergency financial assistance to residents in Bloom Township, Fairfield County as well as any member of the following churches: Lithopolis United Methodist Church, Pope John XXIII Catholic Community, St. John Lutheran Church, Bloom Presbyterian Church, Bloom Baptist Church, Crossroads Church, and Lighthouse Christian Church.
This Crisis Fund is designed to help those with temporary financial emergencies such as sudden unemployment, an accident affecting the major wage earner, utility shut-off due to nonpayment, a fire, flood, or the like.
Besides relying on donations, there are various events that help support this important mission. Two major fund raisers are held annually to help replenish the Crisis Fund.
Every May there is a Golf Outing. Please consider sponsoring a hole or making a donation. In September the fund operates a food booth at the Lithopolis Honeyfest.
Those seeking support from the Bloom Township Crisis Fund must fill out a Financial Assistance Request. Each request for financial support will be assessed on an individual basis. Financial support can be requested for food, gasoline, utilities, prescriptions, and rent/mortgage.  No money is paid directly to an individual.
For more information contact the Lithopolis United Methodist Church at 614-837-2330

Primary Contact: Pat Dunlevy
Phone: 614-837-8266
Volunteers Needed: Yes