Directory of Ministries and Organizations

The ministerial association is an interdenominational group of pastors from the communities of Lithopolis and Canal Winchester.  More than just a monthly gathering of peers, this association is an active ecumenical group of community leaders. The pastors work together to promote and foster Christian unity within their respective congregations and beyond. By working together in various ways the group strives to inform and guide the understanding of the members of the community in embracing the diverse elements, styles and practices of the various Christian denominations.  And perhaps more importantly, the ministerial association and its members work together on projects, demonstrate support for and provide programs of mutual concern in the community. 

The Canal Winchester and Lithopolis Ministerial Association are regularly involved in the following:

  • Developing and providing an event for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity such as a workshop(s), pulpit exchange, and/or prayer service
  • Provide an Ash Wednesday Community Worship service
  • Lead a public Good Friday Cross Walk
  • Provide a Baccalaureate Service for the Canal Winchester High School graduating class and their families with ice cream social following the service
  • Provide a Community Thanksgiving Worship service
  • Participating in Interfaith Dialogue sessions open to the community
  • Pastors are members of the Canal Winchester Human Services board
  • Offerings collected during services/programs sponsored by the CWLMA are designated and given to the Bloom Crisis Fund and/or the Community Food Pantry

Primary Contact: Fr. Denis Kigozi
Phone: 614-920-1563
Volunteers Needed: No