Directory of Ministries and Organizations

Pope John XIII Parish Prayer Line has been in operation for over 10 years. It is made up of parishioners who are dedicated to pray daily for anyone who requests prayers for themselves or others with their permission. Prayers are requested for many different reasons. Some being: health issues, unemployment, family & friends death, safe and healthy births, safe surgeries for patients and medical staff, world issues such as floods, fires and the list goes on. We also pray for the joyful things and give thanks as we pray for families, education, marriages, our church community, staff and Pastor.

The prayer line is 60 voices strong. It is made up of those receiving prayer requests by e-mail and those not into computers, receive their requests by mail. There are no meetings or dues just the desire to pray for each other and our extended family and community.

This is just one of the ways we can show our Love & Concern for one another.

If you have a request or would like to join the Parish Prayer Line, please contact Anne Brunney.

"A prayer without Jesus Name is like a letter without a stamp..its not going anywhere".

Primary Contact: Anne Brunney
Phone: 614-837-3445
Volunteers Needed: Yes